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meet phil wicks

Phil from BSP Advisory Group is your expert on business Exit and Succession, Strategic Growth and Leadership development.

your waikato business advisor

Being a sounding board to help create a vision, identify issues and finding solutions is nothing new to Phil.

Engaging in face to face communication and having empathy towards the situations he has been engaged to consider have also been key factors in developing successful business partnerships and relationships.

These traits, combined with Phil's general business experience can be a real game changer in regards to a business achieving its potential.


The Fundamentals of Small Business Success

If you own a business between 200k to 5ml turnover, then this eBook is for you. If you're starting a business, this will help you do it the right way from the beginning.

This comprehensive eBook will get you on track with creating a personal and business vision, assessing your target market, scaling your operations, developing a business strategy and much more.

"We have now been working in collaboration with Phil from BSP for 6 years. This has been one of the best decisions we have ever made in the nearly twenty-year history of our business. We now have a crystal-clear vision and solid business plan in place and the business has increased turnover significantly in the last financial year."

- Chris Morris, Powdercoating NZ

areas of expertise

Exit and Succession

Develop leadership, build value and create a clear path to exit your business so you can start living the lifestyle you've earned.

Strategic Growth

Increase turnover, profits and value in your business, step-by-step. Reduce financial stress by creating systems that increase efficiency and profitability.

Leadership Development

Phil helps to grow leaders within the business, allowing business owners to free up time and improve their lifestyle.

phil wicks -
your succession planning expert

Many business owners exit with no plan, no choices and often just a fraction of the wealth they could have attained through better planning of their succession or exit strategy.

For this reason, Phil has created the BSP Navigator programme. It's designed to be the ultimate Exit and Succession system for Small and Medium Sized Businesses. See the video to learn more, or contact Phil to ask questions and start your journey.

Phil has been working with our business for the last year. He has a very hands-on approach in helping set goals, developing leadership structure, plugging profit leaks, and ensuring tasks are completed. He engages not only us but our whole team to work towards desired results, and is always prepared to mediate or bounce ideas off when required.

Phil has helped us produce some very real results both in business growth and increased profit margins. The fees are proving to be a great investment.

- Tony Wright, Laser Plumbing Matamata